What is Video Marketing — And Why Do You Need It?

Undoubtedly “video marketing” has become more than a buzz phrase in recent years, it’s now an essential must-have for any promotion toolbox.But you might still have your doubts.Is it really worth to consider using videos to grow your business?The answer is simple: Yes, it’s worth it.If you haven’t had a video…

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The State of Social Media Use in 2019

Social media has taken over the internet. We love to like, share, give thumbs up and use countless emojis to express our feelings about a particular piece of online content. Social media platforms are used so often, it would seem that their usage is approximately equal. However, that is not the…

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6 Signs You’re Doing Digital Advertising All Wrong

Ever heard the name Ethan Zuckerman? If you haven't, you most likely know his work. In a 2014 article in The Atlantic, Zuckerman admits that he is the architect behind one of the most hated features of traveling online: pop-ads. Calling them the internet's "original sin," Zuckerman calls on marketers to…

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4 Essential Facebook Marketing Strategies the Top Business Pages Use

There is no official playbook for getting great social media performance. Those who succeed get there by making educated guesses, marking their results, experimenting with optimization changes, and measuring again. You should go through this process, too, but you can take a shortcut by observing what works for others. Facebook’s algorithm…

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[HOW-TO] Create an Epic YouTube Channel That’s Ready to Grow

Despite being over a decade old, YouTube still acts as a ripe garden bed for audience growth. Brands looking to interact with audiences in current, relevant ways will find that video marketing content is one of the most effective methods they have at their disposal. They’ll also find that YouTube still…

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