Styles of Videos – (3 Styles of Sales Videos That Work for Business Owners)

The video you use for your selling or educating people on your particular product or service can make or break the effectiveness of your campaign. If you’re not using a video, you should seriously consider it. The process is simple: write a script with bullet points and then record yourself reading the script (or hire a spokesperson) to create an engaging video that converts.

If you want to learn how to boost your video conversions and reach based on choosing the right style of video, then stick around for a few minutes as I cover my 3 favorite ‘STYLES of marketing videos. I promise it will be worth it.

Here are the 3 questions you must answer first before choosing the STYLE.

  • What is my video’s objective?
  • What kind of budget am I working with?
  • When do I need this done by?

If you answer these 3 questions your STYLE of video choice should, bubble up to the top, quite easily.

Here are 3 styles of videos that work well for business owners – each has their own personality so choose what works best with your brand!

1) The Spokesperson

This style is perfect for brands need a more polished or higher level of production value. There are different kinds of spokespeople to work with. For example, it could be somebody in front of a green screen, on a set, just a voiceover, or even giving a tour of the office. Here are a few examples of our Spokesperson videos.

Spokesmodel Video

Spokesperson Video

2) The Animated Demo

This style is great if you want to showcase how easy something is without getting too wordy. We prefer to keep our animated videos between 1 and 3 minutes in length. The animated video has all the advantages of a spokesmodel video minus the humans (what an innovative concept). Swap the human spokesperson for a voiceover artist, swap your crew and equipment with that used by animation artists. Here are a few examples of our animated videos.

Animation Video

Animation Video

Animation Video

Explainer Video

3) The Vlog Video

Vlog videos are the best way to connect with your followers in a personal and authentic way. Typically, the person in the video is speaking directly into the camera. This is the most common used for YouTubers. You can also quickly create content that’s valuable for your viewer FAST! The only caveat is that this type of video has a learning curve. The upside? You’re the one in charge of what you show and how it comes across!

Many people refuse to put themselves on camera, so all those opportunities are open for us who will get out there and do it no matter what.

We know the power these videos have- they can take your business into any direction you want if done right, which we’ll make sure happens because Youtube’s 2nd largest website (and google search engine) deserves great content from awesome businesses like yours too!

Vlog Video

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