3 Camera Angles to AVOID so you can Make Better Videos

YIKES! Bad Camera Angles are unnecessary and are a menace to YouTube. Help me in my crusade to eradicate this digital plague from any and all future marketing videos whether on YouTube or not. If we lock arms and fight together as one. We CAN and WILL be TRIUMPHANT. By following…

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3 Best Camera Angles to Improve Watch-time

How can your videos get MORE Watch-Time? How do you get people to watch your videos to the end? 🤔 Today I'm going to show you my 3 Best Camera Angles to Improve Watch time. You're gonna ❤️ this episode so subscribe right now at http://bit.ly/YTmadcapper

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3 Green Screen Tricks to Make Better Videos

The truth is everybody can use a green screen these days. So many great uses for video. This is my attempt to share my 3 best green screen tricks that will get you green screen videos looking they best they can with minimal effort. In other words, my Cheat Sheet. By…

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