Industry Specific Packages

We have been in business doing digital marketing for local businesses and SMB’s since 2008.

Industry Specific Packages

During that time we have become quite familiar and comfortable working in a few specific verticals.

Since we have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of different businesses in these niches we took that opportunity to hone our craft over the years while developing industry-specific digital marketing packages.

What this gives the business owner is reduced prices, a pre-packaged and proven marketing system, and peace of mind knowing this isn’t our first rodeo!

industry specific packages
property management

Property Management

We love working with property management companies. We actually love the business and business model so much that Matthew, the owner of Mad Capper, invested in and is now a partner of property management in Southern California.

Some of our favorite things about this industry:

  1. Cash flow MRR business (just like us!)
  2. Inflation-proof business (well almost.. everyone needs a home right?)
  3. Boring (yes, it’s true, we love boring cash flowing MRR businesses)

Biomimetic Dentistry

Now, this is super interesting and we fell into this niche by chance. If you haven’t heard of this type of dentistry, I implore you to check out Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry website (yes, we built and manage that as well). These guys and gals are doing GREAT stuff when it comes to the world of dentistry.

Not only is Matthew the marketing director for the ABD but he also teaches classes on digital marketing and educates and consults dentists on how to grow their practice using video sales funnels and other digital marketing campaigns we have developed specifically for this industry.

biomimetic dentistry


Solar Panels, Home Battery Storage Solutions, EV Charging Stations. These are 3 of the hottest selling home improvement items of the past 10 years and probably for the next 10.

Mad Capper started working in this industry in 2012 with local mom and pop solar companies and has grown to create full blown industry specific lead gen campaigns, follow up campaigns, booking campaigns, and video marketing funnels at the local, regional, and national level.

Its important to schedule a strategy call with us to learn more about how Mad Capper is helping Solar Companies get more customers consistently on a daily basis.

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