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The Mad Capper Marketing System in 5 Easy Steps


Step 1 - Get a Video

Let’s start by getting you a professional video that follows our proven-to-convert messaging formula. Every one of our videos follows a video marketing framework developed over years of trial and error. In short, it’s all about storytelling. Your video will highlight the strengths that set you apart from your competitors. This will humanize your brand and emotionally engage your viewers while building authority and encouraging trust.

  • Don’t know what Type or Style of video to start with? Click to read our blog posts on each subject!
  • Concerned about price? Don’t be, we have videos starting at $497. 

Step 2 - Promote Your Video

Have you heard of sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google? Ha ha ha … of course! These media platforms have thousands of your potential customers just waiting to watch your videos. We take advantage of both organic and paid channels to ensure that you get the most reach.

The result of our distribution and promotion is brand awareness, trust, authority, and ultimately building your audience. Afterall, what’s the point of making a video or creative content if it’s just going to collect digital dust?

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Step 3 - Build Your Audience

Building your audience is all about getting the right people to watch your videos and to want to continue watching your content. As we all know, not everyone will be intrigued by your message enough to watch your videos and engage with you. But, with the right scripting, targeting, and ad budget, you are very likely to find your perfect audience online.

By creating valuable content that resonates with your audience, you will develop lasting business relationships with them.

Step 4 - Build Your List

This is the one-two punch of our 5-Step Marketing System.

We don’t just stop at building your audience. Although it’s great to have YouTube subscribers, Facebook likes and views, and comments on your LinkedIn Videos. We really want to build a list of people who have raised their hand and volunteered to give you their contact info so you can market to them directly.

“The Money is in the List” is a common marketing phrase you might have heard.

Let us build your list by collecting the Name, Email, and Phone Number of HOT INTERESTED PROSPECTS who have seen your videos and ads. We don’t stop there, No no no… Our amazing team will handle ALL THE FOLLOW-UP on your behalf. (Yes, you read that correctly!). With a blend of Email/SMS automation and a real human-to-human interaction, we interact with your prospects and guide them further down the sales path.

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Step 5 - Get New Customers

TRUE ROI! – Nothing could be better than turning your ad dollars into more money. AWESOME!

You don’t have to break a sweat — we follow up with your list using automated and manual text messages/emails. We will encourage your list to engage in your current sales process, whether that is to call-in and schedule an appointment, self book a time on your calendar to speak with you, or even visit your Video Sales Page to watch a presentation and buy from you that way.

Did we mention that you will get access to a custom built all-in-one Sales and Reporting system which will allow you to visualize and track the entire system we use?

(Yes, that is included in this package and will blow you away, it’s that awesome)


Who We Are & How We Work

Mad Capper Studios, Inc. has been in business since March 2008. We started out as a video production company in Los Angeles. We worked on many TV shows, and a few films, many of which you would recognize. Right around 2010, is when the online world opened up and we started putting videos on places like YouTube, Facebook, and business websites.

The videos we created came out great and people loved them. But the question I always got was, ‘How Can We Use These Videos to Get Me More Customers?”. That is when the light bulb went on… and we decided to build the best video marketing system we possibly could. The real key is to create videos that ‘tell YOUR story’.

The formula is fairly simple although quite strategic. You must have a plan and be willing to adapt that plan as your video marketing campaigns go along. This is the trick to turning a good video marketing system into a gift that just keeps on giving. This is exactly what Mad Capper Marketing offers in our signature products like our 5-Step Video Marketing Program and our Video Sales Funnel.

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Who We Serve

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Our super simple 5-step process was created to generate leads, nurture those leads and book appointments so YOU can make sales and GET MORE CUSTOMERS.

Find the Missing Piece To Your Marketing

You don’t have to struggle alone, trying to figure out how to stand out against your competitors. You can find answers with the right help.

Our perspective can help you understand the missing piece in your marketing that is holding you back. We then create a solution that will lead you to success, no matter your industry.

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A Video Marketing Movement

At Mad Capper Marketing, we dedicate ourselves to producing the best quality videos. We are committed to delivering your vision, which can inspire change in your industry.

Your business deserves a chance to shine in the spotlight. We can create a community that succeeds in business and also keeps the customer’s interests at heart.

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