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Is Video The Missing Piece To Your Marketing?

You don’t have to struggle alone, trying to figure out how to stand out against your competitors. You can find answers with the right help.

Our perspective can help you understand the missing piece in your marketing that is holding you back. We then create a video first marketing solution that will lead you to success, no matter your industry.

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A Video Marketing Movement

At Mad Capper Studios, we dedicate ourselves to producing high quality videos content. We are committed to delivering your vision, which can inspire change in your industry.

Your business deserves a chance to shine in the spotlight. We can create a video first marketing strategy that tells your story, saves you time, and grows your business. Our signature video marketing system follows a simple to understand 5-step process. Book a call for a demo.  

Take a look at our Video Marketing Machine

5 Easy Steps to More Sales


Step 1 - Get a Video

Let’s start by getting you a professional video that follows our proven to convert messaging formula. The key is to create a video that is interesting, engaging, and tells a story. The goal is to engage your viewers to take the next action.

  • Don’t know what Type or Style of video to start with? We got you covered!
  • Don’t know what Story to tell? We got you covered! 
  • Concerned about price? Don’t be, our video pricing starts at just $497.

Step 2 - Promote Your Video

What’s the point of making a video if it’s just going to sit on a shelf? Your video needs to be seen by as many people as possible. We promote and distribute videos across a wide variety of FREE (text, social, email)  and PAID (YouTube, Instagram, Streaming TV) channels where all of your customers are hanging out.

  • Learn about our impactful Database Reactivation campaign.
  • Learn the difference between Organic and Paid Social Media.
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Step 3 - Get Views and Leads

The key here is to have a valuable Call To Action that resonates with your audience enough for them to take the next step in building a lasting business relationship with you. Typically we exchange something FREE and desirable (we call it a Lead Magnet) in exchange for a name, email, and phone number.

Step 4 - Nurture your Leads

As they say… “The Money is in the List”! It’s great to have a huge database but there is no point having a list if you don’t communicate with them… right? Our ScoreBig Online CRM handles all of that for you in one central location. 

  • What is ScoreBig Online and how does it work? 
  • What is marketing automation?
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Step 5 - Get New Customers

TRUE ROI! – Nothing could be better than turning your ad dollars into more money. AWESOME! Track your leads from acquisition all the way through to the sale. With real time attribution you can easily identify and track where all of your customers are coming from and how much money is generated.

Who We Are & How We Work

Mad Capper Studios, Inc. has been in business since March 2008. We started out as a video production company in Los Angeles. We worked on many TV shows, and a few films, many of which you would recognize. Right around 2010, is when the online world opened up and we started putting videos on places like YouTube, Facebook, and business websites.

The videos we created came out great and people loved them. But the question I always got was, ‘How Can We Use These Videos to Get Me More Customers?”. That is when the light bulb went on… and we decided to build the best video marketing system we possibly could. The real key is to create videos that ‘tell YOUR story’.

The formula is fairly simple although quite strategic. You must have a plan and be willing to adapt that plan as your video marketing campaigns go along. This is the trick to turning a good video marketing system into a gift that just keeps on giving. This is exactly what Mad Capper Studios offers withe our Video Marketing Systems.

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Our super simple 5-step process was created to generate leads, nurture those leads and book appointments so YOU can make sales and GET MORE CUSTOMERS.

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