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Leverage the power of Video Sales Funnels to get more Sales!

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5 Easy Steps to More Sales Leveraging the Power of Video

get a video

Step 1

Get a Video

We start by getting you a professional video. Don’t know what Type or Style of video to start with? We got you covered!

Every video we produce typically falls into one of these three buckets.

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Promotion

Every video should have a clear and valuable “Call To Action” that resonates with your viewer and guides them through the funnel.

Step 2

Promote Your Video

What’s the point of making a video if it’s just going to sit on a shelf? Your video needs to be seen by as many people as possible. We promote and distribute videos across a wide variety of FREE and PAID channels. Depending on what your specific goals are, will determine which channels are right for you. Some of our favorites are:

  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Text and Email 
promote your video
get likes

Step 3

Get Views and Leads

If we do our job correctly, the viewer will take the next step in the video sales funnel and move one step closer to building a long-lasting business relationship with you.  

Step 4

Nurture your Leads

I’m sure you have heard the old saying … “The Money is in the List”! Well, who doesn’t want to have an ever-expanding contact list you can communicate with whenever you want?

There are many funnel builders,  automation tools, email/text solutions in the marketplace. We support and use ScoreBig Online. Our complete all-in-one Sales and Marketing CRM which we feel is the ‘best bang for the buck’ tool available today. 

promote your video
Get New Customers

Step 5

Get New Customers

TRUE ROI! – Nothing could be better than turning your marketing and ad dollars into more money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track your leads from the initial contact all the way through to customer acquisition?

With our real-time attribution and reporting dashboard, you can easily identify and track where all of your customers are coming from and how much money is generated from each sale. 

Leverage the Power of
Video Sales Funnels to Get More Sales

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