Our videos are focused on doing 3 things. Gettting YOU views. Saving YOU time, and making YOU money. Those 3 things = WIN.

A Video Marketing Movement

Although we create all types and styles of videos, most videos fall into one of these three buckets.

  1. Awareness
  2. Education
  3. Promotion

Your business deserves a chance to shine. We help you do that by creating videos that ‘do the work’ of marketing. Each video we create does a specific job which we will describe in more detail below. When these 3 types of videos are strung together into a complete Video Sales Funnel, that is when the real magic of video marketing can take place.

A Video Marketing Movement

What are the "3 Buckets" that videos fall into?

3 Buckets

We have been creating online marketing videos since the beginning of YouTube (no joke!). During that time, we have created thousands of videos and gathered millions of views using paid and non-paid traffic strategies.

One of the biggest things we have learned during that time is to “Keep it Simple Stupid” following the KISS Principle.

Before choosing a type or style of video to make, let’s think about the overall outcome or goal of the campaign and identify which parts of the video sales funnel need videos to achieve that goal or outcome? The following 3 buckets are an easy way to visualize where to start. Each video is helping the other in the overall video sales funnel.

Bucket 1

Awareness Video

First things First! The Awareness Video has one job and one job only. I bet you can figure that out just by the title… right? But seriously, if nobody knows what problem your are solving for people then its the job of the Awareness Video to make them aware of just that! Here are a few common ones:

  1. Who you are or your brand is
  2. What your product is and does
  3. What service your business is providing to the marketplace.

YouTube is a great place to capture new eyeballs but there are a ton of other media outlets as well that can bring awareness to your brand.

Awareness Video

Bucket 2


Whether people are fully ‘aware’ of your brand or not, an education video is also a great way to put eyeballs on your brand. Education is one of the main driving forces of videos online. People need to get from point A to point B and they want to get there fast and free. Educational video content is an excellent way to help people achieve a goal while bringing brand awareness, collecting views, and building a list of potential customers.

A happy byproduct of education videos is building authority for yourself or your brand. Having a library of educational videos on YouTube for example goes a long way in building authority.

Bucket 3


When people think of a ‘commercial’ or ‘video ad’ to get new customers a Promo Video is typically what they have in mind. Promo videos have the main goal of promoting an OFFER or providing a call to action. In other words:

1. Buy My Stuff!
2. Get on my Email List!
3. Download my Free Report!

You can the idea, the promo video works best AFTER someone is aware of you and you have provided some free video education so they know you are legit!

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