Examples Of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are freebies companies give away in exchange for a prospect’s name and email address. Content like monthly newsletters, free trials, cheat sheets, ebooks, free reports, and checklists are a few examples of lead magnets. With a powerful lead magnet and a funnel to back it up, you can turn your website into a lead-generating machine that works for you 24/7. How COOL is that?

The trick is — and hear me on this one — people don’t want junk!

Think about it. Do you need more clutter in your inbox?  

We no longer live in a time when companies can thrive by peddling free PLR reports that have ZERO value for customers. Don’t do that. Give your potential clients something of real value that can help them address a pain point. Let them experience the best you have to offer. 

Now, I’m going to provide you with some examples of lead magnets that you can study and apply to your business strategies. By the end of this article, you should have a firm grip on the concept of lead magnets and possibly even create great ones that build relationships, give value, and lead to sales.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Qualities of Effective Lead Magnets

Before we show you examples of lead magnets, let’s first discuss the qualities they should have. 

Be Specific

Lead magnets don’t have to be lengthy or highly technical to succeed. Long and complex ones tend to fail. An effective lead magnet offers a pragmatic solution for a specific problem for a clearly-defined target market. 

Quickly Solve a Problem

Your lead magnet should solve a problem — and fast! Find out genuine pain points your target market has and offer quick solutions. For example, if your target market is e-commerce businesses, they might be struggling to create Facebook ads that convert. Instead of giving away a 500-page ebook about writing ads that convert, try using a one-page checklist. But remember, don’t offer tried-and-tested content information of a regurgitated piece of digital rubbish you pulled off the shelf. It is crucial to create original valuable content. If you are going to offer free content, it should be THE EXACT CHECKLIST you use in your business. Do you get the point? Offer your clients real value. 

Relevant Content

Create lead magnets with evergreen content so you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money developing new material all the time. Evergreen content means something applicable for all seasons and doesn’t require much updating. TIP: One trick we use is a “scheduled review” of our lead magnets, checklists, and pricing sheets. Here at Mad Capper, we understand that things change over time, especially in the digital age. We review our marketing content like lead magnets bi-annually to make sure they are still relevant. 

Interactive Content 

Develop content that your customers can interact with and use. Notice that I used the word customer instead of prospect or reader. The word choice is a vital distinction of WHO will see your material. Some great examples include:

  • Free trial for software or service companies
  • Free educational video course for selling a high-ticket service
  • Free reports for service companies explaining their processes

Letting your potential customers experience useful, reliable, and easily-delivered lead magnets will improve your relationship with them and increase your chances of closing a sale. 

Have One Promise

Content that offers several promises ends up confusing the reader. Make one impactful promise and deliver on it. 

High Perceived Value

Offering something for free doesn’t mean it has to look low-value. Use professional-level content to establish a high monetary value for your lead magnets.

Types of Lead Magnets With Samples


Guides are some of the most common types of lead magnets. When making such content, observe the six qualities mentioned earlier. These lead magnets don’t have to be lengthy or too technical. 

Splunk is a platform for data access, analytics, and automation. Since people take online security seriously nowadays, Splunk offers “The Essential Guide to Security 2021” for companies to learn about Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. 

Cheat Sheets 

Cheat sheets are short guides that typically go straight to the point. They can also be called blueprints or checklists.

Office Vibe is an easy-to-use management platform designed for busy executives. This checklist is in line with their branding and is useful for directors and top managers. 

Resource List

A resource list — also called a starter kit or toolkit — is a list of things the audience should know.

Chou-Tac Chung is the industrial designer who created the website The Design Sketchbook. He’s offering a free designer starter kit in exchange for your contact information. 

Training Videos

Many companies in the education and publishing industries make use of training videos. Many people prefer video content because they’re quick to consume and easy to digest.

Hear and Play is a company offering a play-by-ear music system. Their lead magnet is catchy because four free video piano lessons have a high perceived value, and it’s an effective way for clients to experience their teaching methods. 

Free Trial

Software companies often offer free trials to get users to try their products. It’s the best interactive way for such companies to sell their services.

Adobe offers a free trial for all their apps without the need for a credit card. It’s an interactive way for users to test if Adobe’s services fit their needs. 


Webinars take some time and money to run, but they can generate new leads and clients. This type of lead magnet is useful for companies selling premium products. If you’re selling products valued at around $500–$1,000, consider running a webinar. If you’re not selling anything, this method is not for you. 

KISSmetrics is an analytics company offering enterprise-level metrics for SaaS and e-commerce brands. They’ve used webinars in the past to show potential clients their capabilities. 

Discount or Free Shipping

This lead magnet is ideal for companies selling physical products. Discounts or free shipping techniques are a perfect fit for such companies.

Chef Works is a chef wear and hospitality industries manufacturer. Their straight discount offer is attractive since the purchase requirement is relatively low.

Retail giant UNIQLO offers the same discount for first-time clients. Notice how they took it a step further and asked for the gender. Doing so will allow UNIQLO to send personalized messages to their clients. 


An online quiz is a fun, interactive way to generate leads. Typically, companies let potential customers take the test for free. Afterward, the client has to register an email address to receive the results. 

The company I Love Jeans perfectly captures the essence of a free online quiz in this body shape test. It collects user information and crucial insight on their potential customers’ body types. With this information, they can send personalized content to their audience. 


Many brands have developed exciting challenges as lead magnets. You’ve probably come across ads for 30-day weight loss challenges or 15-day bikini body ones.

Kerry Egeler has a Launch Your Brand Challenge for an online t-shirt or apparel business. Such challenges will provide you with practical launch tips in exchange for your details. 


Templates are versatile lead magnet options that most businesses can use. Email templates and text templates are two of the most widely-used options.

Venngage is a free data presentation tool that helps companies create visual communications such as case studies and infographics. Incidentally, you can also use case studies and infographics as lead magnets.  

Create Your Lead Magnet Today

If you create valuable lead magnets for your target market, you can exponentially increase your leads and sales. There are many examples of lead magnets you can use for your business. If you need help developing a strategy for your lead magnets and sales funnels, give us a call today.

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