Marketing Lessons Right Out of Toy Story

There are countless instructional videos out there that can teach you how to effectively market your local business.

Of course, these are typically boring.

So what’s a budding entrepreneur to do?

Luckily, there are a variety of promotional lessons that can be garnered from sources unrelated to marketing. Strangely enough, there are actually marketing tips right in the Toy Story films.

Spy on the Competition

Whether it’s in the first movie when the toys were spying on the neighbor or the third movie when Woody kept tabs on the bad guys from an air conditioner vent, the figures in Toy Story showed how far a little spying could go. As it turns out, you should also be doing this with your competition.

Keep an eye on their social media presence and watch out for the promotions they’re offering. If you see something that’s really working – or areas where they’re failing – it’s your chance to jump at the opportunity to do it better.

Establish a Well-Connected Network

While marketing typically focuses on what a company is doing for itself, this isn’t always the case. Building a strong network is in itself an excellent promotional tactic, and the toys in Toy Story showed this repeatedly. Without the help of others in toy stores, neighbors’ yards, arcades, and daycares, it’s highly likely happy endings wouldn’t have been forthcoming.

Take a lesson from the toys and connect with others in your industry. Also, take the time to set up mutually beneficial relationships with companies outside of your industry that target the same demographic.

Analyze Prior Data to See What Works

One of the most iconic moments from the first Toy Story was when Buzz Lightyear took flight and saved himself and Woody. This wasn’t the first time, however, that Buzz attempted a flight. Earlier in the movie, he jumped from a bannister and failed miserably. Buzz was able to analyze his failure (he can’t really fly) and use that information to succeed later (he can glide and “fall with style”). You must also do this in your marketing strategy. Nearly 70 percent of companies use Google Analytics alone, so it’s obvious how important it is to keep track of what works for your company.

While it may seem silly to get marketing advice from a child’s movie, the fact remains that Toy Story offers a host of marketing lessons. It doesn’t matter where the lessons come from – just as long as they improve your promotional endeavors.

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