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The 5 Step Mad Capper Marketing Program

Our super simple 5 step process was created to generate leads, nurture those leads and book appointments so YOU can make sales and GET MORE CUSTOMERS.

Our 5 Step Signature Process

What are the 5 Steps?

The Creative

Get a professional video that follows our ‘proven to convert’ marketing formula. 

Social video gets more shares than text and static images combined. It also encourages more views, tags, and comments, which can help you get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

NOTE: Sometimes a video ad is not needed for a successful ad campaign. If that’s the case, we might use an image ad.


Social Media sites like Facebook are where we will place your ad in front of tens of thousands of people in your target audience.

Result = getting YOUR PERFECT CUSTOMER’s contact information.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

“The Money is in the List” is a common marketing phrase you might have heard. It means one of the most valuable assets any business has is its customer database. 

One of our most effective marketing campaigns is where we communicate with your current database of past customers and leads and identify new opportunities. 

Lead Nurture

This is the one-two punch of our 5-Step Marketing Program. 

Our amazing team will handle ALL THE FOLLOW-UP on your behalf.
(Yes, you read that correctly!)

Whether we are doing a Database Reactivation® or following up with your Facebook Leads, we will communicate ‘in real time’ with your leads and BOOK THEM!

Schedule Appointments

TRUE ROI! – Nothing could be better than turning your ad dollars into more money. AWESOME!

Our proven follow-up system regularly sees 15X higher appointments booked and  60 – 80% higher show rates than traditional ad agencies. WOOHOO!

Did we mention our software allows you to visualize and track all of this?


Let us talk you through how our service works.

lead generation

This is more than just another Lead Generation Service.

After we generate leads using professional written and produced videos on Facebook and Instagram, our software automatically contacts and nurtures them into booking through a convenient text message stream. No more putting that on the shoulders of your front office staff!

Everything you thought about, imagined, and visualized is starting to feel pretty real, isn’t it? GREAT! Cause we’re excited to make it happen for you!