What is an Expose Video and WHY Does YOUR Business Need One


Video is the most effective way to get your message across to people on the internet today. Expose Video’s are quick and effective Video Blogs that look highly polished and professional while clearly communicating value to your prospects by educating the viewer. In this medium, the business owner is able to ‘get to know’ the viewer and build trust with them. Once trust is established, they will pick up the phone to call. Take a look at the examples below.


What is the Difference between Audio and Video Expose?


Great question. There are two types of Expose Videos that we offer. One of them is a VIDEO Expose and the other is an AUDIO Expose. You can watch our examples below for a visual explanation of what the difference is. Basically, the main difference is that one version has the presenter in live video talking on camera and the Audio Expose uses pictures and text instead of live recorded video. Some people who are not completely comfortable with being on camera and prefer to use professional imagery opt for the Audio Expose.


Video Expose

Audio Expose


What Is The Production Process?


Step 1 – Dress Rehearsal

You will meet via virtual online meeting with one of our producers. At this time, we will check your lighting, computer, camera, and write the scripts for our upcoming “Production Day”. This Dress Rehearsal gives everyone the opportunity to work out the kinks in the production and practice.

Step 2 – Production Day

This is our shoot day. Time may vary on how many videos we are filming together. But typically 1 video takes us 30 to 45 minutes to complete. On the Production Day our producer and you will film your portion of the interview a few times until we get it just right. Once everyone is satisfied with the performance we ship the media off to our editing crew for post production. 

Step 3 – Technical Sign Off

Once our editing team completes the Expose Video we get together one more time to view the final product together. This is your opportunity to identify any mistakes or errors that need to be remedied. Once we get the Technical Sign Off approval from you, we begin our excellent Video Syndication process and distribute the video across the internet to promote your business. 




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