What is the Website Strategy Process?

The problem with every website on the web today is it doesn’t answer the 3 most important questions and answer them FAST.

The good news is…

NOBODY is doing this so this can tremendously help any business.

3 Problems Your Website Must Solve Instantly

- What do you do?

- Who are you?

- What can you do for me?

Your website needs allow people to draw those conclusions immediately within a split seconds of people visiting your website and NOBODY is doing that today.

Web Strategy

And you have to answer these questions within a split second. Otherwise, you lose your visitor and they move on to somebody that CAN do this for them.

The good news is, we have a Website Strategy that is used by companies around the world and getting them great results that solves this exact problem.

We call it the Website Strategy Process.

What is the Website Strategy Process_Mad Capper Marketing

In includes:

  • 2 Hour Strategy Session
  • Fully developed strategy delivered as a Google Doc or PDF.
  • Fully developed B/W website layout PDF (to deliver to your web developer of choice or us).
  • Navigation and Site-map (to deliver to your web developer of choice or us)
  • Hot Button loaded headlines for buttons and website banners for each page.
  • Video Scripts answering each of the Hot Button loaded headlines and questions.
  • Fully developed Lead Magnet and Free Sources page.
  • Text content for each page.

With all of this, all you have to do is deliver the documentation that I give you to the web designer of your choice for development.

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